Identifying Mobility Visual Impairment

Wall collisions

Unsteady, poor gait


Behaviors indicate mobility visual impairment

1. A fear of moving when physically able to bear weight.

2. A preference to hold on to an object or person to move across open space long after fifteen months of age.

3.  Poor gross motor skills such as:

  • delayed or poor gait, slow pace, and/or unbalanced posture

4.  Anxiety when walking including:

  • self-created taut extremities (hands like fists)

  • self-injurious hand rubbing, poking face (eyes, ears)

  • lack of walking, asks to be picked up and carried (hypotonia)

  • preference to push objects (chairs, toys) to cross space




Scooting age three

Still cruising at three

Crawling age three

Difficulty with stairs

Walks with assistance

Stationary play