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Safe Toddles Year-End Giving Campaign

Donate a Safe Toddles Belt Cane Today!

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Here’s how your donation will make a difference in the life of toddlers who are blind:
   A monthly donation of $19 would ensure that as a child grows, they are provided a new Safe Toddles Belt Cane set annually.
   A one-time donation of $50 subsidizes the cost of Belt Cane materials. 
   A one-time donation of $100 provides a complete set of Belt Cane rods.
   A one-time donation of $200 is the cost of a standard Safe Toddles Belt Cane.

   Larger donations can provide Safe Toddles’ belt canes to even more toddlers in need. Your generous gift
   of any amount will forever contribute to enriching the life of a toddler who is blind– your gift will literally
   help them start traveling safely down the path of life!