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Current Research Projects

Early Intervention Orientation and Mobility App with Pediatric Belt Cane and Smart Belt for Toddlers with Visual Impairments (seeking participants)

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Pilot study

We are seeking adult and toddlers with visual impairments to participating in using and providing feedback on the smart belt and early intervention curriculum app for pediatric belt cane. (Dates: September 1- December 15, 2021).

All participants receive early access to the EI/O&M App and Free Pediatric Belt Canes




1. will be asked to complete a pre/post survey about the technology

2. will be asked to rate the usability of the proposed smart phone app

 All participants will be provided with an online workshop instructing them in how to use the EI/O&M app,  pediatric belt cane and smart belt with toddler and preschool learners with VIs.

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