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Current Research Projects

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1. Choose the project(s) right for you (Soterix, Safe Toddles or Both)
2. Complete in-take form.
3. Submit signed letter(s) of consent

Become a smart belt tester
Thank you gift of $50 and a belt cane

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Project Details

Video motion logger use for one minute, return the logger and upload video.

Agencies can apply to be a testing site

We are offering financial compensation to the facility and the parents/educators who participate in our one-day events.

  • To be selected as a site, we need at least 5 to 10 children who are blind or mobility visually impaired (ages 12-54 months who will have worn belt canes for one month) to attend the one-day data collection event. For this event, we will need access to space at your facility that offers unobstructed walking (e.g., gym).

  • Each individual tester (child wearing smart belt) will be compensated $50

Individuals can apply to test the smart belt

  • To be selected as a tester, we need at parent of children who are blind or mobility visually impaired (ages 12-54 months) who are either already belt cane users or would be interested in trialing the belt cane.

  • Current users can reach out to to let us know how to get started.

  • Individual testers (child wearing smart belt) will be compensated with $50

Safe Toddles Learning from Toddlers

and their Supporters Project!

Free Belt Canes
Until the Child Outgrows them!

Safe Toddles seeks families and professionals to join our video library by contributing before and with belt cane videos. These videos assist in improving belt cane design, demonstrating outcomes to potential users and demonstrates the abilities of toddlers and preschoolers who are blind once they acquire consistently safe mobility.


Everyone who is obtaining a pediatric belt cane is encouraged to consider participating by submitting videos to us - we need you!

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