Persistent “cruising” and “wide-based gait” are signs of mobility visual impairment and blindness

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

It is commonly accepted that achievement of gross motor milestones varies across children. For example, the pictured milestone charts indicate “cruising”, the term used to describe when a baby steps sideways while holding on to a stable piece of furniture, can be expected by twelve months of age; yet some children may already be walking on or before their first birthdays.

However, given this trajectory, the motor milestone chart suggests that children observed cruising at twelve months will likely exhibit walking with “wide-based” gaits by fifteen months. Three months later, the wide-based gait should resolve into an ability to “walk avoiding obstacles”. By two years, typically developing children are expected to demonstrate the ability to “run avoiding obstacles”. Thus milestone charts indicate that typically developing children who begin walking earlier or later will exhibit similar intervals of gross motor milestone achievement; as they continuously improve in their visual-motor coordination.