Consider Safe Toddles on Giving Tuesday

Since 2012, the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving had become Giving Tuesday. This year Giving Tuesday will be December 3, 2019. Facebook is offering to match up to 7 million dollars in donations made to non-profits on Giving Tuesday.

Safe Toddles needs your help to participate in Giving Tuesday so we can achieve our mission of providing specially designed canes for very young blind children. Safe Toddles uses all donations to provide free first wearable canes and to continue to provide new wearable canes as a child grows.

Safe Toddles is asking the families and friends of our non-profit to support us on Giving Tuesday (create a fundraiser for Safe Toddles on Facebook - it's in the how to help list below).

You can help Safe Toddles help young blind kids.


You can either:

1. Follow the link- and donate to an existing Safe Toddles fundraiser

2. Follow the link and create your own fundraiser for Safe Toddles

Step 1 Click on Create a Fundraiser

Step 2 Use drop down boxes to select your name, Safe Toddles, amount and date specifics.

Step 3 Use this page to tell your story or chose to use the text already provided

Step 4 Use the photo provided to click edit to select another, click create.

Step 5 encourage your friends and family to participate.

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