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Before and after wearable cane

Your donations to Safe Toddles allow Akira to feel safe enough to learn

Akira is three years old and blind.

The four photos described in the article

First photo: Akira was stroller dependent. She did not walk, she was pushed. Akira in her stroller– lost in her own world, no shoes.

Second photo: Akira is leaning against her teacher. In the foreground are obstacles that she has no ability to detect before she steps on them, that is why Akira feels unsafe.

Third photo: Akira feels safe and confident. walking down the hallway wearing her cane. The cane warns of obstacles in the path. That is why she now feels safe, she now rejects her stroller.

Fourth photo: Akira is now able to focus on learning braille, her feeling of safety and confidence translate into age-appropriate interest in learning.

The wearable cane is what makes her feel safe. Wearable canes allow Akira to feel safe enough to learn.

Safe Toddles provides kids like Akira with free wearable canes. Safe Toddles is a non profit, all donations are used to build and ship wearable canes.

Thank you for considering a donation for Safe Toddles– wearable canes change lives.

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