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Adults create safe environments that allow children to blossom. - 845-244-6600 Parents know what their children need. three photos - baby with caption - when someone asks why my 10 month old wears a cap, middle reads if he doesn't he will eat his hearing aid, sad emoji, right - a boy trying to take off his Belt Cane.  Caption Infants cannot be held responsible for poor medical decisions.

You know every time a child with a mobility visual impairment or blindness bumps into something or trips over something without warning that they need a way to feel safer.

Babies react to the environment you create.

When you provide them with the tools they need to thrive so you can include them as an active member in your daily routines, they grow and thrive because of you.

Donate a safe mobility Belt Cane today. Belt Canes are a medical necessity for infants with a mobility visual impairment or blindness to walk.

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