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Origin Story and Impact White Cane Safety Day

Co-hosts of the Safe Toddles Pediatric Belt Cane podcast, Grace Ambrose-Zaken and Kelvin Crosby, discuss the origin story and impact of White Cane Safety Day and propose it be called Safe Mobility Day.

Safe Mobility Day would be all inclusive of the various mobility devices that exist (human guides, dog guides, rectangular canes, pediatric belt canes AND long white canes) and those new (as yet undiscovered) devices that we hope will soon be developed for those who are blind and unable to benefit from the current tools - as the wrong tool is one that does not easily provide them with safety all day, every day. #SafeMobility#PediatricBeltCane

Watch if you would like answers to:

1. Whose speech led to the events that resulted in white cane safety day?

2. Why is the cane white and red?

3. What is a Lions Club Cane?

Please watch, like and share!

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