Pediatric Devices are Made to Fit Children’s Abilities

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

The first known, dedicated wheelchair was invented in 1595 for Phillip II of Spain. By 1956, motorized wheelchairs were being mass produced. Now there are pediatric motorized wheelchairs made so that children who are three years old can operate them independently. Wheelchairs are essential for people who cannot walk. Wheelchairs replace the function of the legs with wheels. They are bulky, they do not traverse stairs, so modern architecture has been changed, by law (see the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)), to accommodate wheelchair users.

A three year old boy in a bright green enclosed wheelchair, he sits two hands operate a simple on/off switch.
Three year old boy operates his electric wheelchair.

The first electric hearing aid was created in 1898. It used a carbon transmitter, so that the hearing aid could be portable. Hearing aids assist the function of the ears, by amplifying sound by taking a weak signal and using electric current to make it a strong signal. Overtime hearing aids have improved to include infant hearing aids. The earlier the child receives hearing aids, the better. It is possible to be fitted with hearing aids within the first weeks or months after birth. Although hearing loss happens in the ears, the real effect is in the brain. It is the brain that makes sense of s