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Sept 5 is JoJo Day!

Happy JoJo Day! to one and all!!

Every September 5 is remembered as the day JoJo demonstrated the transformative effect of safe mobility.

This video explains why we celebrate September 5!

JoJo is a four-year-old with optic nerve hypoplasia. When his mom, Jasmine, watched him running and playing so effortlessly with the remote controlled toy- her first thought was "his vision got better".

September 5, 2017 was the first successful test of the pediatric belt cane and JoJo was the first to wear it and show us what a boy can do with guaranteed safe mobility.

Since that day we have become a nonprofit, we have sent over 1200 canes to children who are blind and mobility visually impaired around the world. Most of those canes were donated.

Consider sending in a donation to help us continue our transformative mission. To provide toddlers who are blind and mobility visually impaired with a solution for walking safely - a pediatric belt cane for clear path detection.

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