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Mission Impossible

Updated: Feb 19

Mission Accomplished! Blinded veterans invented white cane safety.

After WWII ended, the young soldiers who returned home blind yearned to be free to walk independently anywhere at any time in their neighborhoods.

At that time, the only way they could be safe was to hold on to their mother’s arm. For these single young men in their 20s, that needed to change... and fast! They knew instinctually that there had to be a better way to be blind and be safe walking independently.

The US Army trusted their veteran's instincts. They used army surplus: white paint, aluminum tubing, golf grips and chair glides to invent the first ever long white cane. The US Army’s invention of the long white cane proved blind people could safely walk anywhere, independent of their mother’s arm.

Safe Toddles trusts parents’ instincts! Parents instinctively want to protect their blind babies while also encouraging them to walk confidently without holding their hand.

For toddlers born blind, safe independence is now possible. Thanks to the Safe Toddles Pediatric Belt Cane, blind toddlers now have a safety tool that allows them to be independently mobile and safe as they explore to learn.

Mission: Impossible in black letters with a red do not enter symbol blocking the "IM"

Braylen was born with CHARGE syndrome and is blind, deaf, and balanced challenged. He was 3.5 years old and not yet walking on his own.

MISSION ACCEPTED get Braylen walking independently.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. After 2 months, Braylen walked independently and safely without holding anyone's hand.

Braylen's video shows how his therapists achieved their mission. Watch Video

MISSION POSSIBLE: Help blind toddlers walk safely every day and everywhere independent of a guide’s arm by wearing their pediatric belt canes.

Will you be a champion and support Safe Toddles’ efforts to improve children with disabilities’ lives? Your donation will put a Safe Toddles’ Belt Cane on a toddler who is blind and give them the safety they need to explore to learn.

Please help every parent achieve their mission of safe independence for their blind baby. Donate to Safe Toddles so toddlers who are blind can be free to let go and explore with safety! Here’s how your donation will make a difference in the life of toddlers who are blind:

A monthly donation of $19 would ensure that as a child grows, they are provided a new belt cane set annually.

A one-time donation of $95 is the cost of a Standard Graphite Cane Frame.

A one-time donation of $125 is the cost of a Custom Belt.

A one-time donation of $300 is the cost of a Complete Belt Cane Set.

Larger donations can provide Safe Toddles’ Belt Canes to even more toddlers in need. Your generous gift of any amount will forever contribute to enriching the life of a toddler who is blind. Your gift helps them start traveling safely down the path of life.

The Belt Cane is the only mobility tool that addresses the diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility needs of blind toddlers. Children with blindness or mobility visual impairment including those with cortical visual impairment from 10 months to 11 years have shown their eagerness to walk on their own once their families provide them with the power of independent safety. Watch this video to see the highlights of many of the children who have benefited by wearing belt canes.

We are proud of the work we have done so far; our belt cane has already made the lives of 1000s of toddlers who are blind safer to explore. But there is so much more work to do. Safe Toddles’ staff work tirelessly to reach every toddler whose life would forever be changed for the better if only the Safe Toddles’ Belt Cane was available to them. Thousands of toddlers remain unserved and unsafe. We are working tirelessly to increase our ability to reach parents.

EVERY PARENT NEEDS TO KNOW that a real safety solution exists for their blind babies.

It is our goal to provide the Safe Toddles’ Belt Cane and educational supports to ensure every toddler who is blind can walk independently and safely, and enhance their early childhood development, similarly to their sighted peers, whether their parents can afford to purchase it or not!

Help us help blind children like Braylen to walk with independent safely just as his sighted friends do by making your donation today. Safe Toddles is a 501(c)(3) organization, your donation is tax deductible.

Most of our funding comes from supporters like you. Your life-changing gift today will help put the world’s only proven blind toddler mobility device in the hands of blind toddlers so they can travel safely and play like other children their age. Watching Braylen's video will show you the impact your gift will have on the life of blind toddlers. You can see more videos of Braylen and other belt cane users on all our social media platforms @SafeToddles.

Thank you for your support of Safe Toddles Nonprofit. We exist to make sure all parents of blind toddlers benefit from our white cane safety solution.

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