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Your Impact 2023

We're thrilled to share Safe Toddles' 2023 Impact Report with you as you are a huge reason for our success! Thanks to your incredible Pediatric Belt Cane donations, we've made significant strides in ensuring infants born blind or with a mobility visual impairment (MVI/B) around the world feel safe enough to begin walking and keep walking most of the waking day.  

Infants with a MVI/B require the Belt Cane to walk, that is why in 2023 the Pediatric Belt Cane was recognized by physical therapists and pediatric ophthalmologists as a medically necessary device. Durable medical equipment suppliers, children's hospitals and schools have successfully billed Medicaid for the Belt Cane, find out more on in our report and on our website.

The Belt Cane provides infants with a MVI/B protection and detection as they stand, walk, climb, jump, and run. Check out our report to see the impact we've achieved together promoting the Start with Safe Mobility Approach for all people with a MVI/B!

four photos of young children using their Belt Canes. Upper left outside the Belt Cane locates raised tactile surface on a sidewalk ramp, upper right a child climbs on a playscape, belt Cane leads the way, lower left a child steps down the sidewalk curb with the Belt Cane leading the way, an infant stands up leans against mom, holding her hand his Belt Cane leads the way. Safe Toddles logo, Safe Toddles 2023 Impact Report: Improving safe mobility for babies with a mobility visual impairment & Blindness

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