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Grateful for all you do for children who are blind!

Top left photos of same boy, first walking with rear walker March 10, 2020, second walking rear walker wearing belt cane September 25, 2020 and third walking freely, wearing his belt cane October 1, 2020. Top right two photos of same girl, first in stroller wearing black sweatpants and top, no shoes February 3, 2019, next she is walking wearing frilly skirt with matching shoes, top and ribbon May 17, 2019. Happy Thanksgiving, Safe Toddles logo. Lower left two photos of same girl, text reads Before she would only walk along walls, she has her back against kitchen cabinets, barefoot in a onesie, October 28, 2020 next she is wearing matching pants, top, and shoes walking freely wearing her belt cane November 2, 2020. Right corner in purple background with white text and black period reads We are thankful for everyone in our Safe Toddles Family and all they do for children who are blind and mobility visually impaired.

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