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Safe Independent Walking is Mission Possible for Blind Toddlers!

Dear Friend,

Braylen can't see, can’t hear, and has trouble with his balance. At home, he did not walk. He sat. When Braylen's physical therapist found the Safe Toddles' Belt Cane website, she was ready to try something new.

The video of Braylen is set to the Mission: Impossible Theme. Because they worried that Braylen may never achieve his mission to safely walk independently. So many children born blind before Braylen never became fully independent. For them, achieving independent walking was an Impossible Mission. For Braylen, it was Mission Possible!

The difference for Braylen was the pediatric belt cane.

Braylen had been working on independent walking since he was 1-year-old.

    At age 3 ½ he was no closer to his goal of independence, until he was introduced to the belt cane. His therapist began with him using the belt cane in the therapy room, and she worked very closely with him to develop his belt cane balance, safety skills, and confidence over several weeks. See Video:

Families submit applications for Safe Toddles’ belt canes for their children knowing that without them, their blind toddlers will continue to struggle to walk independently on time and with safety.

Since we started providing belt canes at a reduced rate, we’ve received hundreds of applications from families reaching out for this helping hand. And unfortunately, there’s been more families than we can currently help. (Click paragraph below or go to

Safe Toddles invented the Belt Cane, the only mobility tool for toddlers who are blind! The impact of its development has been on par with the invention of the wheelchair because of its medical necessity to safe independence. The Safe Toddles Belt Cane provides life-changing outcomes of independent and safe mobility, a joy of exploring, and enhancing early childhood development for toddlers who are blind.

I am Dr. Grace Ambrose-Zaken, a certified orientation and mobility specialist and President/CEO of Safe Toddles, Inc. I saw the difficulty blind children like Braylen were having and decided to do something about it. I invented the Safe Toddles’ Belt Cane and brought it to market. This belt cane has already changed the lives of many toddlers who are blind. But there is so much more work to do. Team Safe Toddles works tirelessly to reach every toddler whose life would forever be changed for the better if only the Safe Toddles’ Belt Cane was available to them.

Thousands of toddlers remain unserved while we increase our ability to meet this unmet need. It is my goal to provide the Safe Toddles’ Belt Cane and necessary supports to ensure every toddler who is blind can walk independently and safely, and enhance their early childhood development, similarly to their sighted peers.

Will you be a champion for blind toddler safety and support Safe Toddles’ efforts to improve children with disabilities’ lives? Your donation will put a Safe Toddles’ Belt Cane on a toddler who is blind and change their life forever!

Please Let’s Get Up and Go together. Donate to Safe Toddles so toddlers who are blind can Get Up and Go!  

Here’s how your donation will make a difference in the life of toddlers who are blind:

A monthly donation of $19 would ensure each year a child is provided a complete belt cane set.

A one-time donation of $50 subsidizes the cost of Belt Cane materials

A one-time donation of $100 provides a complete set of cane rods

A one-time donation of $200 is the cost of a complete Belt Cane

Larger donations can provide Safe Toddles’ belt canes to even more toddlers in need. Your generous gift of any amount will forever contribute to enriching the life of a toddler who is blind– your gift will literally help them start traveling safely down the path of life! 

The Pediatric Belt Cane changed the life of Braylen, his therapists, and his family. Braylen’s journey was shared on social media for others to find this medically necessary device for all blind toddlers. Braylen started wearing his belt cane at age 3 1/2, he took his first independent steps 4 weeks later. Braylen continues to improve in strength and ability. In the video we watch him snake his way through the classroom maze all on his own (video link

Help us help blind children like Braylen to walk safely just as their sighted friends do by making your donation today.

Safe Toddles is a 501(c)(3) organization, your donation is tax deductible. Most of our funding comes from supporters like you. Your life-changing gift today will help put the world’s only proven blind toddler mobility device in the hands of blind toddlers so they can travel safely and actively like children their age. Watching our videos will show you the impact your gift will have on the life of blind toddlers. Go to @SafeToddles on any social media channel to see more videos of Braylen and many other children using their Safe Toddles’ Belt Canes too!

And thank you for helping make a difference in the lives of blind toddlers!



Dr. Grace Ambrose-Zaken, President/CEO

Safe Toddles

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