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Pediatric Belt Canes

A medical necessity for toddlers born blind or

mobility visually impaired to safely walk independently.

2-year-old girl wears belt cane and looks back over her shoulder at the camera.

*We are committed to providing Belt Canes at no cost to children! Receive a fully funded Pediatric Belt Cane and access to our expert support with participation in one of our grant funded projects.

Give Safe Independence

Every dollar supports our mission to provide parents a white cane solution to keep their blind toddlers safe as they explore to learn. Belt Canes are a child's first white cane.

Why a Pediatric Belt Cane?

Pediatric Belt Canes improve parents' and professionals' confidence in children with blindness or mobility visual impairment's safety as they explore and learn.  

Designed for Children

Diagram of the belt cane Image of three items, the biggest is a standard cane frame, black handles, white shafts, red tips, labels read: Magnetic handles with spring action points to the specialty frame handles below as well, carbon fiber shafts with reflective coating, standard frame. Specialty frame looks the same except it is shorter and the tips turn in the standard frame tips point forwards. The belt is below with the Safe Toddles purple and white logo of a capital T with a black dot on top. Labels read structured belt, rubber foam inner layer, fastener, magnet port. Bottom label reads tips with ball bearings and steel plates.

The Pediatric Belt Cane consists of a lightweight rectangular frame that connects with magnets to a custom-made belt. The metal cane tips slide along the floor providing two points of contact.

2 year old girl faces camera smiling in a store wearing a belt cane
3-year-old girl walking wearing her belt cane.
1-year-old girl standing wearing her belt cane.

"Our blind son Victor started using a Pediatric Belt Cane at 11 months, and it has been a game-changer for him. His doctors said his motor skills would be delayed. They are not!
And we feel so much better knowing that he is safe." - Lisa and Andrew

How to get a Belt Cane

Purchase a Belt Cane Directly

Order by 1pm ET and our pediatric belt cane ships same day!

*Pediatric belt cane costs are currently being sold at a subsidized rate

Join our Research Projects

Participants receive one Belt Cane ($200 value) plus $100 for child participant who is blind/mobility visually impaired to test the Smart Belt.

Insurance Coverage

Durable Equipment Suppliers reimbursed for purchase Belt Cane as it is a Medical Necessity for blind toddlers to walk age appropriately.

Schools & Agencies

Safe Toddles is the sole source for pediatric belt canes. We accept purchase orders and will provide any paperwork needed by your organization.

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