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Our 2022 New Year's Resolutions

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Happy New Year, Team Safe Mobility!

Last year, we had five resolutions for 2021 and we achieved them all! We resolved to reduce our wait times, send out more pediatric belt canes, improve our communications and social media presence.

We lost the wait! - We are now able to send out pediatric belt canes the same day we receive the order! That's because we moved our entire operation under one roof - Safe Toddles, Inc Nonprofit is now located at 1491 Route 52, Suite 44, Fishkill, NY 12524. Having everyone and all our machines in one location makes the process of taking orders, making pediatric belt canes, and shipping more efficient. We know that every day a toddler who is blind waits for a pediatric belt cane delays their progress in developing to their full potential.

We met more people! We sent more pediatric belt canes than ever before in Safe Toddles history- all our numbers are up and continue to go up! We were closed for two months to move into our new Factory of Miracles- and we still bested the numbers of pediatric belt canes sent each prior year. We sent more canes out in 2021 than 2019 and 2018 combined!

We learned new languages! We found new ways to talk to our members and reach out to encourage new users. Everything we know about the benefits and how to use pediatric belt canes we learned from toddlers, preschoolers and their families and professionals. We did a lot of listening and learning in 2021 and that helped us achieve this resolution.

We became more social! We joined TikTok, and started a podcast. In April, thanks to TikTok sensation and pediatric belt cane user Kenedi (age 3) and her mom, we went viral! both on TikTok and Twitter. It was an amazingly humbling experience -people donated and sent messages of hope and inspiration that lifted us up and kept us moving forward.

We wrote more! We now have a curriculum called Fast Forward: Early Intervention Orientation and Mobility with Pediatric Belt Canes! We have two blogs, a revamped website, YouTube Channel, and lots of thank you letters to folks who reached into their hearts and donated to provide safe mobility to these wonderful toddlers.

We had a great year because of people like you, our new staff and many collaborators.

We are looking towards a bright future with excitement with three new resolutions for 2022.

Pediatric belt cane success stories: (Left) Akira age three from stroller to independent, (center) Chara, age 2 from denied entry into toy room, to independent explorer, (right) Jaxon age 2, from fearful to self-confident
Pediatric belt cane success stories: (Left) Akira age 3 from stroller dependent to independent explorer, (center) Charna, age 2 from denied entry into toy room (for safety), to independent explorer, (right) Jaxon age 2, from fearful to self-confident

1. Make New Friends

Our mission is to provide toddlers and preschoolers who are blind and mobility visually impaired with a solution for walking safely - a pediatric belt cane for clear path detection. To meet our mission we need to increase the number of toddlers who are blind who are using these transformative devices. Our first 2022 resolution is to spread the word about pediatric belt canes far and wide so that many more toddlers who are blind or mobility visually impaired can learn to navigate the world around them with safe independence. In 2022, we hope to triple the number of pediatric belt cane users in the world.

One year old Javier walks independently down the hallway wearing his pediatric belt cane -first time he ever took independent steps.
Javier a blind 17-month old, takes his first 12 independent steps, moments after donning his first pediatric belt cane.

2. Travel More

In 2022 our resolution is engage in opportunities that allow us to bring the pediatric belt cane across the United States and the rest of the world. Last year, we shipped to 39 states and 12 countries! This year we resolve to provide toddlers who are blind with pediatric belt canes in in all 50 states, and in all 7 continents!

2 year old wearing red sash and tiara blows a kiss and is wearing her pediatric belt cane.
Miss "Belle of Texas" Kenedi is blind, 2 years old and confident with her pediatric belt cane

3. Stay in touch with the people who matter!

In 2022 our final resolution is to improve our outreach to professionals and families who touch the lives of toddlers and preschool learners who are blind and mobility visually impaired. We want to hear from you about what matters most to you in raising and teaching a toddler who is blind and mobility visually impaired. We know that our population is so diverse, we want to make sure you are getting the information you need from us. Don't hesitate to reach out if you're interested in being a guest on our 2022 podcast.

You can listen to our past podcasts here.

With your continued support, we will reach our new milestones for this new year.


Team Safe Toddles

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