Schools and agencies

Safe Toddles imagines a world where the adults in schools feel relaxed and assured in the knowledge that the student with mobility visual impairment or blindness has effective tools that keep harmful body collisions at a minimum.

Easy steps

​1. Identify students with MVI/B

The nonverbal mobility visual impairment assessment assists in identifying students who need the security and confidence provided by pediatric belt canes.

2. Measure students with MVI/B (the largest and smallest sizes are indicated below)

Size information:

Canes measurements needed (for best results request a free measuring kit.)

Height:          Floor to shoulder shortest size 26" to longest size 36".

Hip width:    (hip to hip) smallest 6" to largest 9" (The hip to hip measurement

                      is obtained using a ruler or ST caliper (not a measuring tape).

Waist size:    Waist circumference -smallest 17" to largest 25" (measuring tape).​​​

3. Purchase the belt cane

     Cost: Each cane costs $180 which includes a belt with two frames (see photos below).

              Canes are sent FREE MATTER for the BLIND unless otherwise indicated

4. If you require an invoice, complete request form.

We are here to help, please let us know what you need.

  • We can become a vendor.

  • We can send invoices and accept purchase orders.

  • We do provide online and phone support to professionals and families.

  • We do provide workshops and professional development seminars.

5. Get started right out of the box with our how-to guides that use videos to demonstrate answers to frequently asked questions.

Set of canes one daily with belt, one tight space cane both facing front

A cane set includes a belt and two frames (daily/tight spaces) The daily cane is the standard cane length and the tight spaces cane is 90% of the standard cane length.

side view of daily cane, black 3D printed top frame, white carbonfiber rods extend to 3D printed red narrow sled shaped cane tips.

The daily frame is the standard cane length for the height of the child. The longest cane length available is 36" from floor to shoulder (note the cane is pictured on a stand).

side view of tight spaces cane, black 3D printed top, white carbonfiber cane rods extend to red 3D printed tips, rounded to reduce catching on furniture legs

The tight spaces frame is 90% of the length of the daily cane. It is for use in areas where the longer frame is restricted by heavy objects and appears to cause distress. The design of the cane tips are to reduce the incidence of catching on furniture (note the cane is pictured on a stand).