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Safe Toddles' Pediatric Belt Canes

Pediatric belt canes consist of a set of one belt and two cane frames (an everyday frame and a tight spaces frame). Each belt cane set is custom made to fit the dimensions and needs of each child. Production and materials cane set costs equal $625.


Recent donations have enabled us to offset these costs for a limited number of canes to a reduced price of $180 per cane set for professionals.  


1. To purchase - $180* per cane set - cane ships approx three to five weeks.  *Limited quantity of reduced cost cane sets available

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Free Canes - We are committed providing free canes to any child in need, because belt canes are essential safety equipment that enables toddlers with visual impairments to develop to their full potential.  

Option one- provide videos and feedback - free cane ships in two to three months.

Option two- free cane - free cane ships in four to six months.

To complete order submit shipping Information and child's measurements:

​  Height:

       Floor to shoulder size range is 20" to 36".

  Hip width:

       (hip to hip) size range is 6" to 9"

  (The hip to hip measurement is obtained using a ruler (not a measuring tape).

  Waist size:

       Waist circumference -size range is 17" to 25".​​​

Easy steps

​1. Identify students who would benefit from wearing belt canes using the nonverbal mobility visual impairment assessment.

2. Measure students: Hip width, waist circumference and height to shoulder.

3. To purchase the belt cane use the yellow Buy Now button or request a price quote.

Size chart five columns 17 rows grouped in set of three; left column title hip width, inches, 6, 7, 8, 9, next column, belt size 6S, 6M, 6L, 7S, 7M, 7L, 8S, 8M, 8L, 9S, 9M, 9L, next column waist circumference inches, 17, 18, 19, 19, 20, 21, 21, 22, 23, 23, 24, 25, next column frame size 6S, 6M, 6L, 7S, 7M, 7L, 8S, 8M, 8L, 9S, 9M, 9L, next column shoulder height inches, 20-26, 27-29, 30-33, 26-28, 28-31, 31-33, 28-30, 31-33, 34-37, 30-33, 34-35, 36-37
Title Example (also most popular sizes) size 6MS, 7MS, 8MS, hip 6, 7, 8, waist circum 18, 20, 22, height to shoulder 26, 28, 30
Standard Sizes Chart Standard Sizes Chart 4 charts 2 by 2, upper left chart title Size 6 Hip, rows: title Cane size,  6SS, 6SM, 6SL, 6MS,  6MM, 6ML, 6LS, 6LM, 6LL, next column title Hip all rows contain number 6, next column title Waist, All 6S are 17, all 6M are 18, all 6L are 19, next column title Height, All Small 20-26, all medium 27-29, all large 30-33. Top right table title Size 7 Hip, title Cane size, 7SS, 7SM,  7SL, 7MS, 7MM, 7ML, 7LS, 7LM, 7LL, next column title Hip, all rows contain number 7; next column title waist, Small size 19, medium size 20, large size 21. Final column title height, all small 26-28, all medium 28-31, all large 31-33. Lower left table title Size 8 hip,  title cane size 8SS, 8SM, 8SL, 8MS, 8MM, 8ML, 8LS, 8LM, 8LL, column title Hip all rows contain number 8, Waist all small are size 21, medium size 22, large size 23, column title height, all eights are small 28-30, 31-33 and 34-37. Final table - title Size 9 hip, first column title cane size, 9SS, 9SM, 9SL
proper fit (2).jpg

A cane set includes a belt and two frames (daily/tight spaces).

Set of canes one daily with belt, one tight space cane both facing front
side view of daily cane, black 3D printed top frame, white carbonfiber rods extend to 3D printed red narrow sled shaped cane tips.

The daily frame is the standard cane length for the height of the child. 

The tip design is durable and slides over most surfaces.

ball bearings.png
side view of tight spaces cane, black 3D printed top, white carbonfiber cane rods extend to red 3D printed tips, rounded to reduce catching on furniture legs

The tight spaces frame is 90% of the length of the daily cane. The design of the cane reduces the incidence of catching on furniture.

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